Endorsement from Ted Gibbons

On Reaching Through the Veil:

“We talk a lot about angels in this church and they have become a significant topic of conversation among our Christian neighbors.  But I have never sensed the reality of their work and their closeness as I sensed it in the pages of this book.  Angels care for us and watch over us and protect us.  They are organized under the banners of heaven to march in our defense.  Because of this book I believe as I never believed before that I am not alone and that celestial beings act for me and those I love. No book you read this year will comfort and encourage you as this one will.”

Ted Gibbons, LDS Institute Teacher, performer, and author

Reaching Through the Veil


Reaching Through the Veil
Angels in Everyday Life
Sherrie Anthony

We are not alone in this life. God sends angels to teach, protect, warn, and comfort each of us in our individual circumstances. With tender stories and profound insights, this book highlights the different types of angels, the roles they play in mortality, and how we can grow closer to our family members on the other side. Recognize the angels at work in your own life!

Coming July 2016!

Product Details
Title: Reaching Through the Veil: Angels in Everday Life
Author: Sherrie Anthony
Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
ISBN: 9781462118717
Publication date:07/01/2016
Price: $14.99